Our Roadmap

Our mission is to serve the theatre community, and to help live theatre thrive in a digital economy so that everyone benefits.

Part of serving our community is being clear about the journey we are on. This roadmap lays out in broad strokes the path we are taking to merge live theatre with the digital world. We look forward to working with theatre fans and creators to realize our mission and achieve our ambitious goals.



Build and
Launch MVP

Secure seed funding

Build technology, creative and marketing teams

Sign multiple shows from Broadway, West End, Off Broadway and Regional Theatre

Design collectibles and collections with benefits and experiences for fans

Launch social channels and begin building our community

Launch BWAYX marketplace

Drop initial collectibles and collections

Engage and reward community through The Green Room



Prove the Case
and Enhance

Continue to build and engage community with additional benefits (private events, AMAs, tickets, etc.)

Launch community voting

Sign more show partners and launch collectibles and collections

Expand design, features and uses of collectibles

Pursue brand partnerships to enhance benefits for community

Collaborate on the development of standard contract terms between shows and creative community

Demonstrate long-term value to fans, creators and industry

Series A Funding Round



Scale Live
Theatre Offering

Launch a full season of Broadway and West End shows

Scale to include national tours of major productions

Fully develop non-profit and regional theatre offering

Launch amateur theatre and licensing offering

Expand brand partnerships to include travel and accommodation for ticket winners and other benefits

Scale internationally



Expand Digital

Develop metaverse Broadway experience

Activate web3 portability (may be enabled sooner)

Explore tokenizing shows and metaverse delivery of productions

Fully fund a Broadway musical through community engagement and digital tokens

Explore launching $MUSX protocol

Transition first gen NFTs to $MUSX protocol

BStay Tuned for What’s Next!